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Precision Performance

Our Solar Panels are all top-of-the-line, so performance is guaranteed.  These are some of our top-selling products and are used for a variety of different applications.  If you need help choosing one of our many Solar Panels for a specific project, get in touch and a consultant will be happy to assist.

Lithium Ion batteries

The SMD Lithium Ion Batteries we supply and install are definitely one of the best available on the market today.  Aside from the top quality of these products they also have a warranty of 10 years.  Swartland Solar offers monitoring to help you understand your system better.  We're here to help you make the best product decisions for your business and home 

“Feel the Power”
Our Solar Inverters are some of our best selling items, and they come fully equipped with fantastic warranties.  Our Clients really appreciate the fact that our products are only top quality, carefully selected and sourced by our team.  Not sure which one is  right for you?  Give us a call and an expert will assist you with all your doubts and questions.