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Ensuring quality products with a high return on investment

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Swartland Solar 
We pride ourselves on high quality products, particular care and focus on  user management and understanding and insight into your system.  Constant monitoring and aftercare is essential when working toward an off grid system, giving guidance and a sound foundation for cost effective long term systems.  
Renewable Energy
Industrial & Business Services
Home based systems
Site inspection is an essential part of providing the right product, costing and quote, no two installations are the same.
Our systems target uninterrupted power  supply ensuring an full supply 24 hours a day.  Give us a call today to find the solution that fits your demands.
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We ensure the newest technology, at affordable rates, and build a long term relationship with our clients.  Through technology we keep you updated on savings, seasonal changes, future expansions and upgrades.  High quality ensures long term warranties on products and realistic return on investments.  We find the right balance to ensure a system that optimize your savings.
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Visit our shop in Vredenburg to get a hands on experience of solar and the products we use, experience monitoring and various approaches to
UPS and Solar system.
Skool str 27 Vredenburg
Tel:  066 023 0974
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